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Aryum Jeon As Am 5 Final Exam question #1 -discuss the concept of assimilation as it appears in Amy Tan’s “Rules of the Game,” Bharati Mukherjee’s “The Tenant,” and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. In what ways does it change and/or stay the same across the three texts? FACTS -post 1965 generation=population and inflects largest -generation conflicts show how one assimilates -assimilation and traditional gender roles. -racial hierarchy -benefits and pains of assimilation Amy Tan -just like Kingston’s family, they are not post 1965 generation necessarily. -chess, symbolic term -rules of immigrant life -conflict between mother and daughter about different ideas on American life -1 st generation philosophy that help 2 nd generation to deal with in America. Ex- invisible strength, “wise guy do not go against wind…” (24min) - loud for plum= none, silent for plum= gained one. -> shape the puppet. -naming waverly= wish to live unclay, wish her to live in confined but push her out at the same time. -p484 rules are clearly not there for you. You gotta figure out what they are. No one is gonna tell you what they do. -skepticism about America and pride in china -p481 waverly exist in china town between tourist and insider -chess is a way to get out of china town -via chess she learns about rules of life, use her mother’s invisible strength and utilize it. -fight- mother takes all the credit waverly have done by bragging her around the town. Waverly wants a space. -mother wants American dream without being american Tenant -constantly moving, can’t settle -act of tenancy -maya means illusion -p100 ambivalence about the fact that all the things she has is good. Her family wealth, her educated profession -sexual freedom she has= just opposite of ideal women in tradition -she still holds on to feminine -dead space -how author is gonna take her out of the hut for her to live -racially very specific rule. Never slept with Indian men. -reason she hates Indian man= emasculated= dr. chatterji -p110, she is stuck in dead space
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-emotional damage, maya and physical damage, ashoke -he provides live space instead of dead place that she is used to. -closeness of east and openness of west -maya has no ability to act on her own -instead of acting, she relies on the man around her Amy and mukherjee -americans who fully participate in American life -aborted mission of assimilation -authors suggest that they need to get out of ethnic getto and enter American life. It is worth trying Namesake -notion of godman is completely absent. It was fantasy that American had about Indians. -mentor as Kingston. -tone is melancholy and loss about the characters -ashoke feels loss b/c he’s nearly died, grateful about new life but he is away from what he knows. Ashama especially on pg 6 about pregnancy in foreign land (“it’s not so much pain. It’s the consequence. Motherhood in foreign land.)= sense of loss.
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finalq1 - Aryum Jeon As Am 5 Final Exam question#1-discuss...

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