hw1 - Aryum Jeon Korean 182B Hw#1 -Select contact...

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Aryum Jeon Korean 182B Hw#1 -Select contact situations, or remarks commenting on the appearance, language, customs, behavior, religion, economy, etc that you found the most interesting. Your selection has to relate to topics discussed in class regarding the stages of cultural contact such as conflict, adaptation, assimilation or acculturation. -Outline what was the political and economic agenda on both sides and what was the catalysts for mis-understanding and mutual distrust -Describe and analyze the circumstances of contact depending on your own ethnic and cultural background. Please bring in anecdotes or events from your own personal history or family background with alien peoples or cultures either here or abroad -Bring your own viewpoints and opinions on the treatment of the Dutch and how they responded to their dire circumstances. “When In Rome, Do As the Romans Do” In the journal of Hendrick Hamel, the author delivers an autobiography about his accidental visit to Korea in 1600s. He had a shipwreck near Cheju Island on the way to Nagasaki due to a heavy storm. He first thought of the place as a deserted island. Soon he faced a large number of armed Koreans whom he first perceived as pirates or banned Chinese because they were wearing hats made out of horse hair. Even when his
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hw1 - Aryum Jeon Korean 182B Hw#1 -Select contact...

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