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reflection paper - Aryum Jeon Ess 4A Self-reflection...

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Aryum Jeon Ess 4A Self-reflection Throughout my days spent for winter quarter 2010, I took the time to put an idea into practice. From the beginning of the quarter, I set up my goal and listed the things that I can do to achieve that mission. The main goal was to do well on all of my classes. In order to achieve this goal, I have been very diligent. I woke up at least two hours early before my first classes begin. I tried my best to start every morning with breakfast and coffee to stay awake. When I arrived twenty minutes early for the class, I sat on the front raw of chairs to concentrate better on the lecture. While doing so, I experienced the rewards of being diligent which sparked my passion to be a good student. I finally developed this to be good at an early age through the ESS 4A course. Watching others spend their time to enthusiastically study in the library was a big influence on me. They encouraged me to also stay focused on school work rather than party. Giving up my Saturday to review the material for the whole week at library showed me that performing
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This note was uploaded on 10/15/2010 for the course ESS ess 4a taught by Professor Powellrc during the Winter '10 term at UCSB.

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reflection paper - Aryum Jeon Ess 4A Self-reflection...

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