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Chem 127/227, Fall quarter 2007 Problem set for week 1 1. From Appendix 5, work problems 1, 2, 3A through 3K, 3M through 3P, and number 4. 2. Explain, in your own words, what is meant by (a) HF/3-21G and (b) HF/3-21G*. (I’ll be talking about this material next week, but it won’t hurt for you to begin to think/read about these ideas now.) 3. Use the Hammond postulate and the Bell-Evans-Polanyi principle (sometimes simply called the Polanyi principle – see, for example the J. Chem. Ed. article to which I refer in this week’s reading), to rationalize the fact that the electrophilic substitution reactions of anisole lead preferentially to para rather than meta substituted products. Note that completion of the discussion I began in class today will serve to establish a ‘thought framework’ that will help you respond to this question. For the time being, i.e., over the weekend, it will be good for you to review the Hammond postulate (see G. S.
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