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Reading for Chem 127/227 – Fall quarter 2007 Week 1 : Appendix 5 (“pushing electrons”); Chapter 7 (“Energy Surfaces and Kinetic Analyses”; begin by reading those portions that are most relevant to the material that is presented in class); Chapter 14 (“Advanced Concepts in Electronic Structure Theory”) page 807 (intent and purpose), and in section 14.2.1, pages 821-823. From the literature, read: Scala, A. A. Journal of Chemical Education , 2004 , 81 (11) , 1661-1664 (“Free Radical Halogenation, Selectivity, and Thermodynamics: The Polanyi Principle and Hammond’s Postulate”). You’ll also want to do some reading regarding the various reactive intermediates that have been introduced in class. Use the index of your text to find the portions of the text that discuss each. Don’t be afraid to supplement your reading concerning them and other
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Unformatted text preview: topics by using UCSB library resources, and the Internet. Week 2: Continue reading the pages from your text that are listed above. From the literature, and in anticipation of the more extensive discussion of kinetics and mechanism that will continue through this week and spill into next week, begin reading: J. Org. Chem. 1985 , 50 , 2244-2251. The idea is to learn about the tools that were used, and how they were used to elucidate mechanistic detail. Interestingly, at the outset of the investigation, it was thought that the reaction might prove to be synthetically useful. In fact, a variation of the transformation was used as the key step of the total synthesis of a simple natural product. The results of the mechanistic investigation proved useful in that endeavor....
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