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Reading and topics for weeks 6 and 7 Topics/reading for weeks 6 & 7 completion of our discussion of the Curtin-Hammett principle – reading and references given previously Thorpe-Ingold effect – text pages 147 and 497. From the literature, Jung & Gervay, JACS, 1991, 113, 224-232 and Moeller, etal, JACS, 19992, 114, 1033-1041. steady state kinetics – text pages 390 and 395 So you can begin your reading now . .. the next major topic : isotopes and isotope effects – text pages 421, 422, 425, 427-430, 432, 437, 441, 477 In addition to the reading listed above, you may wish to look at the following sites. The topics relate to topics that have been discussed in class. Dynamic thermodynamic resolution (P. Beak) In the outstanding paper referred to here, you will be able to gain additional
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Unformatted text preview: insight into aspects of Curtin-Hammett-like scenarios. One such example that was mentioned in class referred to the alkylation of lactam enolates as discussed by A.I. Meyers, etal, JACS, 1997, 119, 4565-4566. Arrhenius calculation - calculator Here you can have some fun plugging in some numbers in order to give additional insight into the Arrhenius equation and its consequences. Eyring and Arrhenius equations This site provides a derivation of sort for the Eyring equation. cyclic voltammetry Try your hand with the simulated run....
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