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Exam 2, Chem. 1271227 (Fall quarter2007) 1. (a) Formulate a mechanism to account for the transformation shown below. (b) Does the enolate correspond to the so-called kinetic or so-called thermodynamic enolate? (c) What is the basis for your response in part 'b'? (d) Determine K"o. Show your work. NaOEt * rr^ .Y Keq + erlvw +HOEI I \7 2. Suppose that you wish to synthesize the cyclopentyl methyl ketone 3 in the manner shown below; furthermore, you want the ratio of adducts 3 and 4 to be 10 to 1, favoring 3. (a) Use the value of l("o calculated in problem '1' to determine the ratio of k" to k" that is required in order to attain the desired product ratio. Show your work. (b) What is the name of the principle that you are using in order to address this problem? -af :' ,.^ a( g *^ aa *', C.-- ^O vr'2O6 463 3. The SOMO for the allyl radical hu. th".uf:o;ance shown below.
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Unformatted text preview: (aka EPR) spectrum? (b) Explain - briefly. 8^8 is the orbital depiction of the SOMO for the allyl radical, 4. 4. Formulate a qualitatively accurate diagram, free energy on the y-axis and reaction progress on the x-axis, which illustrates a process wherein a kinetically preferred product is also the thermodynamically preferred product. 5. The Arrhenius function for the rather strange looking transformation shown below is 12.7 - 13.8/e. xnt \/ (a) \A/hat is the activation energy for the transformation? (b) What is the value of "log A"? (c) Formulate a mechanism to account for the transformation. 6. Consider a hypothetical equilibrium process (see below), conducted at 25 'C (298 K). Suppose that the difference in free energy between A and B is 2.8 kcal/mol, and that structure B is the more stable. \A/hat will be the equilibrium ratio of B to A? Show your work. er]o:z\ oEt rroff o/...
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