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F07_127_227_syllabus - Chem 127/227 Phelps Hall room 3523...

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Chem. 127/227 Phelps Hall, room 3523 from 9-9:50 am . Class will begin at 9 am – sharp. Syllabus for the Fall quarter of 2007 Professor R. Daniel Little Office : Physical Sciences North, rooms 3649C/D Email : [email protected] Office hours : Tuesdays from 3-4 pm and by appointment. Please contact me by email to set up an appointment. Be certain to suggest several times when you can meet. I’ll return your email after choosing from amongst the times suggested. : “Modern Physical Organic Chemistry” by E. Anslyn (U Texas) and D. Dougherty (Cal Tech) and the accompanying solutions manual by M. Sponsler, Anslyn, and Dougherty Reserve book room (located in the main campus library): A copy of the solutions manual can be found there and will be made available to be checked out for one hour intervals. Recommendations : (1) I highly recommend purchasing a set of molecular models , if you don’t already own a set. Most recommended is the Prentice Hall Framework Molecular model set followed by one of the sets from Darling Molecular Models. You can locate these items on the web and make your purchase there. (2) I also strongly recommend purchasing the books by David R. Klein (“Organic Chemistry as a Second Language”). There are now two parts. They are inexpensive by today’s standards. Exam schedule : Check your schedule now to determine whether you have any conflicts with the schedule posted below; if you do, inform me within the 1 st week of school and I will consider your request for rescheduling. Otherwise, there are no makeup exams . The materials covered on each exam will reflect the subjects discussed in class, the assigned reading, and problem sets. Each exam will emphasize the material covered in the time period prior to that exam. However, some topics may appear throughout the quarter. Thus, something covered on exam 1 may also find its way to the 4 th exam. Exam 1 (100 points) Monday, October 15, 2007 Exam 2 (100 points) Friday, November 9, 2007 Exam 3 (100 points) Monday, December 3, 2007 Final exam (100 points) Thursday, December 13, 2007 – 8-11 am in the regularly scheduled classroom
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Chem. 127/227 – Syllabus; Fall quarter 2007
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F07_127_227_syllabus - Chem 127/227 Phelps Hall room 3523...

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