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After finishing the experiment it was apparent that there were more asci that were crossing over than the amount of asci that were not crossing over. The experiment shows that the genes are far apart, however if there were no asci crossing over then the genes would be close together. If an ascus has four tan ascospores in a row and four black ascospores in a row (4:4 arrangement), then no crossing over had taken place. But, if the asci has black and tan ascospores in sets of two (2:2:2:2 arrangement) or two pairs of black ascospores and four tan ascospores in the middle (2:4:2 arrangement), then crossing over had taken place. In meiosis the chromosome number is reduced to n so that it can be fertilized. Meiosis allows for crossing over, which results in variations in organisms. Meiosis and mitosis are very similar because they both have the production of cells and both have the parent cells with 46 chromosomes in the beginning. However, the major
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Unformatted text preview: distinction between the two is that meiosis consists of two groups of divisions, meiosis I and meiosis II. Throughout meiosis I, homologous chromosomes pair at the metaphase plate and then the homologues migrate to opposite poles. In meiosis II, chromosomes spread across the metaphase plate and sister chromatids separate and migrate to the opposite poles. The purpose for meiosis is production of gametes or spores, while the purpose for mitosis is growth and repair. Other differences between meiosis and mitosis are in meiosis, the nucleus is divided two times. But, in mitosis, the nucleus is divided only once. Meiosis produces up to four different daughter cells, but mitosis produces two identical daughter cells. Synapsis and crossing over take place in meiosis, but don’t take place in mitosis....
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