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Chapter 17 Paragraph Summaries

Chapter 17 Paragraph Summaries - to occur Section 2 o The...

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Dhaval Rana Chemistry May 28, 2008 Chapter 17 Paragraph Summaries Section1 o The step-by-step process by which an overall chemical reaction occurs is called the reaction mechanism o In order for chemical reactions to occur, the particles of the reactants must collide o Activation energy is needed to merge valence electrons and to loosen bonds sufficiently for molecules to react o An activated complex is formed when an effective collision between molecules of reactants raises the internal energy to the minimum level necessary for a reaction
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Unformatted text preview: to occur Section 2 o The rate of reaction is influenced by the following factors: nature of reactants, surface area, temperature, concentration of reactants, and the presence of catalysts o The rates at which chemical reactions occur can sometimes be experimentally measured and expressed in terms of mathematical equations called rate laws o Rate laws are determined by studying how reaction rate depends on concentration...
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