Dhaval Ran2 - Dhaval Rana Chemistry I- HN June 2, 2008...

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Dhaval Rana Chemistry I- HN June 2, 2008 Current Events Project Article 1: Meteor shower this weekend best viewed away from city By Adriana M. Chavez / El Paso Times A meteor shower is coming this weekend and will be best seen outside of El Paso between 3 and 4 a.m. on Sunday and Monday. The name of the meteor shower is The Orionid Meteor Shower because the meteors are generated by the constellation of Orion. You will be able to see 30-40 meteors per hour but it will decrease to around 5 per hour by Friday. The effect it has on people is that now more people know when and where the meteor shower can be seen so more people can see it. I think this article was very interesting. It actually makes me want to go down to El Paso and see it because I’ve never seen a meteor shower. If I could I actually would fly down there. It would be a very different and fascinating event in my life that I would have experienced. Article 2: Solar homes compete, and that’s cool UC team learns valuable lesson when house is put to the test By Justin Thompson / Scripps Howard Foundation Wire The University of Cincinnati’s solar house went dim in the middle of a competition, which stopped the chances of it taking a high placing in the Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon is an international competition to build the most attractive and most efficient solar-powered house. The teams get 18 months to design and build their house. Then they transport it to the National Mall in Washington. The UV team had to come up with a way to pump energy into the house. They were not prepared for the influx that comes with hundreds of visitors walking in and out of the 650 square foot home. The Polytechnic University of Darmstadt, Germany, won the competition. The effect it has on people is that they know to be more careful in making solar houses because they know things can happen when your not careful. I think this article was different because I have never heard of a Solar Decathlon nor have I heard of a solar powered house. It’s fun to learn about something new and to learn how fun and dangerous it can be. Article 3: Strange Molecule Found in Venus’s Atmosphere By Andrea Thompson / Staff Writer Scientist found a strange gaseous molecule lurking in the atmosphere of both Mars and Venus. It could affect Venus’s hyperactive greenhouse effect. An Infrared Atmospheric Spectrometer instrument aboard a spacecraft watched the sun set behind the planet and measured the
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Dhaval Ran2 - Dhaval Rana Chemistry I- HN June 2, 2008...

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