Dhaval Rana - 10. Perverseness- perseverance of...

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Dhaval Rana English II HN January 12, 2008 Vocabulary 1. Succinctly- to put concisely and to the point Adverb 2. Expound- to put forth or explain in detail 3. Baroques- an 18th century cultural movement Noun 4. Docility- tractable, well behave, easily handled Noun 5. Conspicuous- easily seen or noticed, not blended in Adjective 6. Sagacious- wise, with much common serve Adjective 7. Derivable- able to be derived Adjective 8. Gossamer- a thin, flimsy layer Noun 9. Irrevocable- Undeniable, cannot be revoked Adjective
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Perverseness- perseverance of stubbornness Noun 11. Conflagration- Large, uncontained fire Noun 12. Apparition- a ghostly figure Noun 13. Phantasm- see apparition Noun 14. Odious- high offensive, detestable Adjective 15. Aversion- strong disliked or hatred towards something Noun 16. Chimeras- a mythological monster Noun 17. Incumbent- holding a role at to time Adjective 18. Anomalous- inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected Adjective...
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Dhaval Rana - 10. Perverseness- perseverance of...

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