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This year in Ms. Levy’s class we read a short story that totally changed my perspective against disabled men. “A life you save may be your own” by Flannery O’Connor is a story about a man who takes advantage of an innocent disabled women. Many non- disabled people take advantage of disabled people. Prejudice against disabled people happens a lot in many work places. Many Non-disable people feel as if just because a certain person is crippled, blinded, deaf and etc that they’re useless. Being disabled does not make you helpless. In fact there is no reason a person with a physical disability can't accomplish anything a person without one could in terms of political accomplishment. A person who is blind or deaf would need some really quality, trusted advisers, but it too would be possible. There have been presidents who have had cognitive disabilities and genetic anomalies and they have been very successful.
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Unformatted text preview: In Piscataway High School there are more then twenty disabled students. Many of these students are made fun of by other non-disabled students. Piscataway High School has many sports teams. However, disabled student aren’t allowed to participate due to their disability. There are many students in this school that are disabled but have a amazing knowledge about a specific sport. Mr. Gales if disabled students were allowed to participate in these sports by doing things such as equipment manager, water boy, assistant manager, and etc they are allowed to socialize with non-disabled student on the team. This would in the long run reduce the percentage of disabled students getting made fun of because if would allow them to build their reputation up. By allowing disabled students to participate it’ll teach all the students in PHS that…I DUNT KNO WHAT IT TEAHCES THE STUDENTS. .LMAO...
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