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He constantly made jokes during the class He thought smiles would give him a free pass He dressed like a normal kid nothing new His first name started with the letter q Joking laughing singing his silly song Everybody’s smiling but not for long The teacher would get frustrated and sad And screams out “Quince you are making me mad” His humor went past what’s on book selves When troubled he everything himself Quince was tremendously scrawny and tall He would purposely try to trip and fall He had long and curly and bright red hair He wanted attention but no one cared At home quince got no sort of attention So he would act out and get detention He would feel alone almost everyday Crying in his bed is where he would lay
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Unformatted text preview: He would always throw crumbled paper balls And in class he would make stupid prank calls Pimp daddy, ladies man whatever you would say This gangster as we know always get his way He dressed with his shirts and jeans sagging low He would hustle and try to get more dough He had many girls but not one lady When it came to love he was kind of shady In other eye’s he looked just like a fool He outer shell made him look really bad The way he talked and dressed was just a fad In the inside he was actually good Even though he came straight out of the hood He know everyone that was on the street Although at home he would always get beat...
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