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English Review 1. Business letter Your Address Date Audience Address Dear Mr. Gales, This year in Ms. Levy’s class we read a short story that has completely changed the way that I Look at people who have special disabilities. “A life you save may be your own” by Flannery O’Connor is a story about a man who takes advantage of an innocent disabled women. This book makes us question our own behavior towards such people; as a society, are we treating them equally or are we robbing them off of their rights as human beings? Prejudice against disabled people takes place everyday, in every school, job and other interactive places. Being normal, we think that we have the right to assume that just because a certain person is crippled, blinded, deaf etc. they are useless. Disabilities are not a sign of incapableness, there is no reason a person with a physical disability can't accomplish anything a person without any can. It is true that they will face many challenges and obstacles, but aren't we all, as human beings, given opportunities everyday to fix our mistakes and improve ourselves with time? The only thing that we can assume is that they will need a little more time to improve their skills than we would. A person with a disability would just need the help of a few trusted advisers and motivators, but that does not mean that the task is impossible. There have been several presidents who have had cognitive disabilities and genetic (abnormalities?) but they have proved to be successful. Who knows what these individuals are capable of accomplishing! In Piscataway High School, there are more then twenty disabled students. Many of these students are made fun and bullied by their peers. As you know, our school has many sports teams. However, such students are not allowed to participate in any of these extra- curricula activities due to their disabilities. We have failed to acknowledge the fact that these children are human beings too with passions and dreams to break out of their shells and show the world what they are made of. Mr. Gales by not encouraging these students, we have destroyed even the hope to set any goals in life and the right to have dreams. If
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English Review - English Review 1. Business letter Your...

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