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final speech - the resent weeks these veteran soldiers have...

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My fellow Americans, I am here before you to talk about the Bonus Army. The veterans of World War I were to receive a bonus of $1,000.00 according to the Adjusted Service Certificate Law of 1924. Each Service Certificate, issued to a qualified veteran soldier, bore a face value equal to the soldier's promised payment, plus compound interest. The problem was that the certificates (like bonds), matured twenty years from the date of original issuance, thus, under extant law, the Service Certificates were un-redeemable until 1945. However, these soldiers asked for the money eight years in advance and during the Depression to make matters worse. Even though I understand that people were having hard time and really needed the money, so did the economy. It would be nearly impossible for the government to just hand out $1000 to all the veteran of world war I. The already draining economy of the nation would simply sink deeper into it's crisis. In
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Unformatted text preview: the resent weeks these veteran soldiers have began to protest and have set up tents in front of the White House. It is not the call of the President to give money to the soldiers. The congress also plays a role. The bill passed in the House of Representatives, but later failed to pass in the Senate. On 28 July, 1932, Attorney General Mitchell ordered the police to force the evacuation. However, the police failed to do so. I ordered the U.S. Army to effect the evacuation of the Bonus Army from Washington, D.C. I did not know this would get out of order and lead to blood shed. I regret that the army has taken action against the veterans and protester and people were killed. The veterans were all unarmed and even one baby was killed. This is an outrage and the United States should not have witnessed such a tragedy. I am sorry and I surely assure you that this may not happen again....
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