gullivers travel satire part 1

gullivers travel satire part 1 - Dhaval Rana English III-HN...

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Dhaval Rana English III-HN April 19, 2009 Forms of Satire in Part 1 The fictional kingdom of Lilliput is at constant war with its neighbor because of a dispute over how to properly crack an egg. This pokes fun at nations who go to war for totally absurd reasons. Also be compared to feuding countries of England and France Or the feud between catholic and Protestant religion One of the forms of political satire is embodied in the first culture that is met by Gulliver. The Lilliputians are the embodiment of England of the time period. The Lilliputians are small people who control Gulliver through means of threats. ". ..when in an instant I felt above a hundred arrows discharged into my left hand, which pricked my like so many needles; and besides they shot another flight into the air, as we do bombs in Europe" (Swift, 24). England was a small country that had Europe (represented by Gulliver) and many other parts of the world under their control. Swift uses satire to poke fun at woman that live in England. In chapter 6 it say that the Lilliputians are well educated, but their writing system is odd to Gulliver, who jokes that they write not left to right like the Europeans or top to bottom like the Chinese, but from one corner of the page to the other, “like the ladies in England.” The dead are buried with their heads pointing directly downward, because the Lilliputians believe that eventually the dead will rise again and that the Earth, which they think is flat,
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gullivers travel satire part 1 - Dhaval Rana English III-HN...

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