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1. What were the causes of the War of 1812? First, impressment of American sailors was one causes of the War of 1812. Britain practiced impressment, the seizure of American sailors for the service in the British navy. Also, trade tensions were also a cause of the War of 1812. 2. What was the Leopard and Chesapeake incident? The Chesapeake was an American naval ship and the Leopard was a British vessel. In June 1807 the Leopard came near the Chesapeake and requested to search the ship for British deserters. The Chesapeake’s commander refused and the Leopard opened fire. Many American sailors were killed or wounded and the Chesapeake surrendered. The British sent a group of people to the ship and they came out with four sailors from the Chesapeake . 3. What was the purpose of the Embargo Act? Jefferson’s goal was to use economic warfare instead of military warfare to secure the rights of Americans. This act was passed to punish the United Kingdom for its violations of American naval rights. 4. What were the terms of the Treaty of Ghent? All prisoners were released and all war lands and boats were restored. Britain promised to return captured slaves. (It was between US and Britain) 5. What were the effects of the War of 1812? The United States gained international respect. Military development was increased and the training of officers at the United States Military Academy (West Point). The British blocked of the American coast created a shortage of cotton cloth in the US, leading to the creation of a cotton- manufacturing industry. 6. What caused the Panic of 1819? There were 3 causes of the Panic of 1819: inflation, public debt from the War of 1812, and the Louisiana Purchase. After the War of 1812, prices throughout the US were rising, mostly caused by the US government’s attempt to pay off the war debt. 7. What were the issues surrounding Missouri becoming a state? When the population of Missouri reached 60,000, it was possible for it to become a state. In 1818, Missouri applied for statehood. But, this formed a new problem for the country. At this time, there were 11 slave states in the South and 11 free states in the North. If Missouri was going to become a state, it would either have to be a slave or free state, unbalancing the count of states. 8. What were the terms of the Missouri Compromise? Missouri was to be admitted as a slave state, while Maine was admitted as a free state. Territory north of the parallel 36º30’ north (the southern boundary of Missouri) excludes slavery. 9. What was significant about the rulings of the Marshall Court? 10. What were the major points of the Monroe Doctrine? 1) The US would not get involved in European affairs. 2) The US would not interfere with existing European colonies in the Western Hemisphere. 3) No other nation could form a new colony in the Western Hemisphere. 4) If a European nation tried to control or interfere with a nation in the Western Hemisphere, the US would view it as a hostile act against this nation. 11. How did the people gain power during the Jackson administration?
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hist_study_guide_final - 1. What were the causes of the War...

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