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Battle of Britain- The Battle of Britain was important because Hitler's Luftwaffe (Air Force) was preparing an invasion of England. If Germany could gain control of the skies than all that stopped them was England's Navy. But with Germany's U-boats it wouldn't be all that difficult to one by one destroy England's navy. Germany bombed English airfields and cities for months on end. England's RAF fought back with the use of RADAR and new Spitfire planes. But Germany could not defeat England's RAF and were forced to end the attack. It showed that England was going to keep on fighting instead of giving in to Germany. It was the first loss that the Germany suffered after a string of magnificent victories that made them seem invincible. England's victory meant that Germany could not launch Sealion, the invasion of England. Although the invasion was a dubious proposition even with control of the air. Battle of Atlantic- Both are of EQUAL importance, but for different reasons.
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