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1. Identify 4 themes Tolerance vs. intolerance When everyone was sent to internment camps they didn’t refuse and went along with it. Memory vs. reminiscence When Naomi had the flash back to her past Identity Obasan house and the way it is kept describe her characteristic. Justice vs. injustice When the got their boating license token away 2. What’s the setting on the novel present/past? In the present its obasan’s house In the past its slocan and the train 3. Describe how Naomi and Emily evolved throughout the novel
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Unformatted text preview: Emily becomes stronger as a character. She becomes bolder. Naomi becomes less curious and matures more as a character 4. 4 things you learned from the project presentation 5. Describe a dream and its significance in the novel Grand inquister in the dream Naomi is eyes and her mothers mouth show how the truth of what happened to her mother would come out. Haiku LOVING AND CARING She was always there for them QUIET AND SILENT...
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