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Dhaval Rana English II- HN May 18, 2008 Protagonist vs. Antagonist Conflict is a state of opposition, disagreement or incompatibility between two or more people or groups of people, which is sometimes characterized by physical violence. A conflict in a story can either be internal or external. In A Separate Peace by John Knowles there is an external conflict between two characters, Gene and Finny. Envy and resentment plays a key role in Gene and Finny’s relationship. For example in novel Gene says, “I found it. I found a single sustaining thought. The thought was, you and Phineas are even already. You are even in enmity. You are both coldly driving ahead for yourselves alone . . . . I felt better. Yes, I sensed it like the sweat of relief when nausea passes away; I felt better. We were even after all, even in enmity. The deadly rivalry was on both sides after all” (Knowles 32-33). In chapter four, Gene slowly becomes conscious of the tremendous resentment and envy that he feels toward Finny, who is a far superior athlete, has a much stronger personality, and can talk his way out of any trouble. Gene develop a strategy for coping with this resentment: he tells himself that Finny feels exactly the same way, convincing himself that just as he envies Finny’s athleticism so must Finny envy Gene’s academic achievements. This vision of a “deadly rivalry” between himself and Finny sustains Gene for some time; it
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levy essay - Dhaval Rana English II HN Protagonist vs...

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