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Dhaval Rana English II June 8, 2008 “DA MOVE” Deep in the forest there lived a brave tough monkey. Everyone in the distance of the forest knew the tough monkey for his silly, funny, and outgoing character. If anything happened in the forest from the littlest things to the biggest things tough monkey would be the first to be told. It was as if he were the king of the forest. One hot muggy morning tough monkey woke up to his mom’s loud annoying voice, “Baby, did you pack your stuff yet.” Three days ago, his parents told tough monkey that they were moving closer to his grandparent’s tree. Tough monkey had never seen his grandparents because they had just came from Africa two months ago. “ O MY GOD, mom I totally forgot I get right to it”, said the tough monkey. Mother monkey knew this would happen. It wasn’t a surprise. She knew her son was very lazy; however in pressure got the job done. All day tough monkey worked worked and worked. At noontime, however a huge
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