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""""'"""1" "..,. ( #' . 9 '. " .' \i-' .. ~ " " Carleton ,t. ., UNIVERSITY 94.201 ~7/ EXAMINATION FINAL December 200 DURATION: 3 HOURS No. of Students: 208 Department Name & Course Number: Systems & Computer Engineering 94.201 Course Instructor(s) Professor T. Pearce AUTHORIZED MEMORANDA Open Book calculators permitted Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has S pages. This examination question paper MAY be taken from the examination room. In addition to this question paper, students require: an examination booklet yes. noO a Scantron sheet yeso noN Do NOT ask questions during the exam, unless you suspect a mistake in the question paper. NOTE: Throughout the exam: Unless stated otherwise, integer values (signed and unsigned) are l6-bit values. m g=~~ IEEE Carleton Question 1 [10 marks total] . a) [1] What happens when the processor executes an ORG statement? b) [1] What is the representation of13 decimal in the base 6 number system? c) [2] The difference between static and dynamic infonnation was discussed frequently in class. What is the difference? (Do not give examples, state the conceptual difference!) d) [1] Suppose that AX = 0001H and BX = 8001H when the following instructions are executed. State the label that identifies the address of ') the instruction that will be executed after the JL instruction is executed. CMP AX, BX MOV CX, AX JL GoThere StayHere: e) [2] What is the difference between an implicit and an explicit operand? (Do not give examples, state the conceptual difference!) 94.201 Exam Page 1 of5 1 ". """'tiC. .,"
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# '.. ~l~ , . ( :. In the remaining 3 parts of this question, answ~ "True" or "Palse" depending whether the given statement is true or false: f) [I] The main reason programmers prefer hexadecimal representation instead of decimal representation is because larger values can be expressed using fewer digits.
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94201F00 - "'"1" ( " .' ~" . ....

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