94360F00 - '," ~. " ~. , I I DURATION: 3 HOURS...

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I ,IC'" I "'r1"" '," ~. " , Carleton ~ !1l.1- ~. U N I V E R 5 I T Y r---" ~ (7 U I E~:~:~ION -1 ~ I tf I iIN~.EXAM.~ I DURATION: 3 HOURS No. of Students: 288 Department Name & Course Number: . Course Instructor(s) Systems and Computer Engmeering Professors D. Rossille and H. Yamikomerglu AUTHORIZED MEMORANDACJosed Book. 100+10 bonus points. Attempt all questions. One double-sided S.5"xll" rogrammable caknlators are allowed. Exchanging aid-sheets during the exam is stricdy forbidden and will be CODsider~ 5 copying. Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has 7 pages. This examination question paper MAY be taken from the examination room. In addition to this question paper, students require: an examination booklet yesQ noO a Scantron sheet yeso no~ .IEEE Carle-'~1 -. . -'"
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,'94 -.360 Page 2 of 7 ~r'['~ r~1"; ii i ' ~ t"~!}- \ ..."'1 /'(J 1 -~. Question 1 (20 points) Input-Output Analysis I Consider two linear time-invariant systems with impulse responses h1(t) and h2(t), respec- tively. These two systems are connected as shown in the below diagram; hl(t) and h2(t) are also plotted in the same diagram. An input x(t) (shown below as well) is applied to this composite system while all the initial conditions are zero. h }(t) t } 2 3 x(t) y(t) ~ "' '.'.2. x(t) y(t) ? ? } t
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94360F00 - '," ~. " ~. , I I DURATION: 3 HOURS...

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