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Introduction 1 ECE 5250/4250 Microwave Circuit Design Hardware Project This project is to be treated as a take-home exam, meaning each student is to due his/her own work. The project report due date is 4:30 PM Wednesday, December 16, 2009. There are due dates along the way, so consult the schedule section of this document to see interim milestones. Introduction The purpose of this design project to become more familiar with microwave circuit analysis, design layout, fabrication, and test. The steps to achieving these goals will be described below. Each design team will consist of one person due to the small class size. This being a class project, performed for a grade, means that an end product must result. Here the end product will consist of fabricated microwave circuit with a report documenting the circuit design equations, analysis, ADS simulations, and network analyzer measurements. Objectives The basic project objective is to design, layout, and test a passive microwave circuit for operation in the 1–8 GHz frequency band. This circuit may have from one to four ports. The circuit must be planar, with the exception of simple grounding vias. Chip resistors may be used if required. The
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5250_Project - ECE 5250/4250 Microwave Circuit Design...

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