The 3rd paragraph and conclusion Turlak Vale

The 3rd paragraph and conclusion Turlak Vale

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The 3 rd paragraph and conclusion Turlak Valeriya 10/12/2010 The Big Bang – fact or fiction? Who What When Where Why How Third, according to the words of the one outstanding physician, the famous nebulas, which were always taken for clouds of gas, in fact are other galaxies. They are moved off on milliards of light years and have approximately the same size as our galaxy. They also permanently keep away from us. The most probable explanation is that all these galaxies and
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Unformatted text preview: the universe were located at one point. And the Big Bang caused them to scatter in the air. The Big Bang theory has left her track in the history and science. This totality of regularities has also brought a great benefit to the humanity. It helps to explain the creating of our universe and our being. Smell Taste Touch Hearin g Sight...
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