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1 . What is a psychometric test? A psychometric test is a standard ways of assessing particular aspects of human behaviour. Broadly there are two types of test: those which measure maximum performance or how well you can do some- thing; and those which measure 'typical' performance or how you tend to react to particular situations. The first type covers most ability tests, the second inventories or questionnaires, which measure personality, motivation, values, attitudes and interests. 2. How do psychometric tests work? Tests are carefully designed so that each person who completes a particular test has the same experience, i.e. they are presented with the same questions and have the same amount of time in which to answer them. The raw score (usually the number of correct answers) is then converted to a standard score by comparison with a representative sample of people who have completed the test in the past. It is then possible to say whether a person has scored above or below average, and how much above or below. 3. What sort of things can be tested? There are more than 30 human abilities that can be tested, such as general intelligence, verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning, and mechanical aptitude, speed & accuracy of information processing; and well over 30 aspects of personality, ranging from emotional sensitivity and warmth to dominance and tension. Tests can also measure colour vision and reaction times. 4. Who uses tests? Employers are increasingly incorporating aptitude tests into assessment procedures – both for selection of staff and for development and counselling purposes. Tests which are professionally constructed and measured can provide objective, reliable and relevant information concerning the likelihood of job success and satisfaction. Assessment centres typically combine the information gained from aptitude tests with that obtained from other questionnaires and exercises such as those measuring personality and emotional intelligence. These are used in addition to other elements
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1095463-Top-10-FAQs-About-Psychometric-Tests-1 - Top 10...

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