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Annotated Bibliography Patrick O’Donnell Mrs. Knapik November 16, 2003 American Lit. Simkin, John. “McCarthyism in 1940.” , (16 November 2003). In this article the basis for the McCarthyism idea is expressed quite well. The word usage is easy to understand and the point comes across with fewer words then many sites previously viewed. It starts off talking about the Alien Registration Act. From there the author touches on the different committees and people that played influential roles in
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Unformatted text preview: the trials and proceedings. The author gives the reader of his web page many details that are pertinent. He touches on the House of Un-American Activities Committee , and then respectfully also discusses the Hollywood ten. My only criticisms of the web page as a whole is that it seems a little lengthy and is not practically broken down into sections that well. Other than that the page is very informative....
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