Annotative Bibliography for 70 crisis

Annotative Bibliography for 70 crisis - events from the...

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Annotative Bibliography: “FLQ Manifesto”. . (March 20, 2002). This site provided a clear and concise perspective of the issues that caused the Quebecois to support the FLQ, and the basis for the FLQ’s support. This site best demonstrated the extremist views of the FLQ. Saywell, John. Quebec 70 . Toronto. University of Toronto Press. 1971. The reason why this book was so useful was that it contained valuable historical information regarding the issues surrounding the October Crisis. It also discussed the
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Unformatted text preview: events from the federal governments perspective. Vallires, Pierre. The Assassination of Pierre Laporte . Toronto. James Lorimer & Company, Publishers. 1977. This book presented a very detailed and comprehensive description of the events that both occurred before and during the October Crisis. It also provided numerous political insights from the Quebec point of view, as to why the crisis occurred....
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