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Bibliography 1. “Islamic Summit Opens up with slap at West.” 9 Dec. 1997. 1 March 2004. 2. Esposito, John. “The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality.” Oxford Univ. Press, 1 1995. 3. Naddara, J Sanna Abu. “Some Teachings of the Koran.” The Dawn of Religious Pluralism . Illinois. Open Court. 1993 4. Kidder, Rushworth M. “Universal Human Values.” The Futurist.
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Unformatted text preview: 1994. 5. The Sabr Foundation. “Islam 101.” 13 March 1998. 1 March 2004. 6. Johansen, Robert C. “Radical Islam and Nonviolence: A Case Study of Religious Empowerment and Restraint.” Border Crossings . Lexington Books. New York. 1999 7. Harris, Terri Rabia. “Nonviolence In Islam: The Alternative Community Tradition.” Subverting Hatred . Boston Research Company. Massachusetts. 1998...
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