power series

power series - p*=x; return p; } void main() { int...

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Q :write C++ function that return power of A b then calculating this series in main program? = + + +…+ ( * + ) y x1 x3 x5 x n 2 1 #include<iostream.h> double power( int x,int y) { double p=1; for(int i=0;i<y;i++)
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Unformatted text preview: p*=x; return p; } void main() { int x,y,n,s=0; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;\nenter x : = &quot;; cin&gt;&gt;x; cout&lt;&lt;&quot;\nenter n : = &quot;; cin&gt;&gt;n; for(int i=0;i&lt;n;i++) s+=power(x,(i*2+1)); cout&lt;&lt;s; }...
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