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COMP-202B - Winter 2010 - Midterm Examination - Appendix Page 1 SUMMARY OF JAVA STANDARD LIBRARY METHODS FOR SELECTED CLASSES String (package java.lang ) Methods: public boolean equals(Object anObject) : Compares this String to anObject . public boolean equalsIgnoreCase(String anotherString) : Compares, ignoring case consider- ations, this String to anotherString . public int compareTo(String anotherString) : Compares this String to anotherString lexi- cographically. public int compareToIgnoreCase(String anotherString) : Compares, ignoring case considera- tions, this String to anotherString lexicographically. public char[] toCharArray() : Converts this String to a new character array. Scanner (package java.util ) Methods: public Scanner(InputStream source) : Constructs a new Scanner that produces values scanned from the specified input stream. public double nextDouble() : Scans the next token of the input as a double . public int nextInt() : Scans the next token of the input as an int . public String nextLine() : Advances this Scanner past the current line and returns the input read.
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