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BUSI 1402 assignment 1 - BUSI 1402: Introduction to...

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1 BUSI 1402: Introduction to Business Information and Communication Technologies Assignment 1: Problem-Solving Due: Sunday September 26, 2010 @ 10:00PM Worth: 5% Overview Social Software has changed many of our social interactions and opened new opportunities, but, according to James Cowan (2010) it is not without privacy issues and other problems. Recently, he published an article in Canadian Business magazine entitled: Why we’ll never escape Facebook Please read the article and then complete this assignment. Deliverables Please answer the following questions (in a Word Document) within the context of the framework on Problem-solving discussed in class (total 50 points): 1. [20 points] I DENTIFY THE PROBLEM : According to you, what is the problem described in this article. Clearly in one paragraph [100 words maximum] state the problem as you understand it. 2. [20 points] Please write [150 words maximum] in one or two paragraphs indicating if you AGREE ( OR DISAGREE ) with Cowan’s arguments AND WHY . You can make an argument indicating partial agreement to some of their points as well. 3. [10 points] C REATIVELY identify alternative ways to solve the problem and write one paragraph for each one of THREE POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS [50 words maximum per solution].
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BUSI 1402 assignment 1 - BUSI 1402: Introduction to...

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