Sociology 141 Midterm Clues

Sociology 141 Midterm Clues - Sociology 141 UCR F09 Men and...

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Sociology 141 UCR F09 Men and Masculinity Midterm Exam “clues” (This is not a contract, just a list of helpful study suggestions!) Note: The upcoming Midterm (Tuesday Oct 27 th 3:40pm) will cover all lecture material, videos, and readings from the beginning of class through our review session on Thursday Oct 22nd. The exam will likely contain multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer/short essay. You will need a scantron form (882-E), pencils, eraser (etc.), but you do NOT need a blue book. The questions below will be helpful in preparing for the midterm; I strongly suggest that you be able to answer them well. You might notice that some of these questions overlap; if so, good. .. this is intentional as learning should be integrative. Please be prompt for this exam, prepare carefully. .. and- good luck! Bioideology & Perspective (Connell, Men’s Bodies) What are the names and highlights of the three “new social science” approaches we discussed; what conclusion was reached? What very disparate sorts of groups use the concept of “real men”? Connell discusses three positions taken about men’s bodies: what do they involve, what might be a problem for the third? What is his suggested course, why might we think this, and what is his conclusion? White working class masculinity (Fine et al. *): What are the “three slices” noted about these working class youths; their ideology? What are some of the larger structural effects deriving from a post- 1970’s Working Class History? Who was involved in the first study; what happened that made
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Sociology 141 Midterm Clues - Sociology 141 UCR F09 Men and...

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