1 - Daniel Hanrahan > yo Gregory Maduk > hows it going...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Daniel Hanrahan > yo Gregory Maduk > hows it going Jason Lobo > Hi Jason Lobo > Daniel if you don't mind, could please try adding me again on the wiki. Jason Lobo > you* Daniel Hanrahan > k Gregory Maduk > alright so what are we looking at accomplishing tonight? Work on the 4th step of the facebook thing? Daniel Hanrahan > whats your id Daniel Hanrahan > ya Gregory Maduk >> has left the room. Jason Lobo > [email protected] Gregory Maduk >> has entered the room. Gregory Maduk > hey Daniel Hanrahan > hey Daniel Hanrahan > jason, if you're not part of the wiki, how did set up a page? Jason Lobo > 'coz it's a public page. .. Daniel Hanrahan > but the public can't edit it. .. Jason Lobo > and I keep clicking the link you sent during the last chat meeting. . Gregory Maduk > how can you delete a page off the wiki? i can't delete my empty facebook page Daniel Hanrahan > i just added u again jason Daniel Hanrahan > Greg, you go to page options Daniel Hanrahan > for some reason i cant delete it Gregory Maduk > yeah page options i click it and nothing happens its a dead link Gregory Maduk > what exactly did you post to that facebook brainstorming page daniel? is that just your assignment or did yo u Daniel Hanrahan > i changed I to we Jason Lobo > thanks Daniel, I got the invite now =) Daniel Hanrahan > i deleted it greg Gregory Maduk > cool Daniel Hanrahan > we just gotta wait for dylan Gregory Maduk > yup Gregory Maduk > how are your stocks doing for your other assignment with your other groups? Daniel Hanrahan > not bad Daniel Hanrahan > wat value are you at? Daniel Hanrahan > were at 105 000 Gregory Maduk > yeah we are up 8 grand Gregory Maduk > do you have your economics midterm this week? Daniel Hanrahan > no Daniel Hanrahan > 2 weeks Gregory Maduk > wow really? Daniel Hanrahan > ya Gregory Maduk > mine is tomorrow Daniel Hanrahan > whos ur prof? Gregory Maduk > my textbook is still in the wrapper. . Daniel Hanrahan > lmao Jason Lobo > lol Jason Lobo > do you guys take psych? Daniel Hanrahan > no Gregory Maduk > yup Gregory Maduk > howd you do on the midterm? Jason Lobo > did you have you mid-term for that? Jason Lobo > it was pretty okay. . Jason Lobo > not bad. .
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Sheet1 Page 2 Jason Lobo > how was yours? Dylan Briand >> has entered the room. Daniel Hanrahan > hey man Dylan Briand > kk sorry guys long walk from class whats up Gregory Maduk > i donno i got an 84 so can't really complain Daniel Hanrahan > np Jason Lobo > I had mine today. . Gregory Maduk > i only had a chance to study to the friday afternoon Daniel Hanrahan > Dylan, the screenshot u uploaded wont due Dylan Briand > whats the topic of conversation Daniel Hanrahan > its not even a jpeg picture, its words Daniel Hanrahan > The Facebook assignment Dylan Briand > and do we have to show these convos in our project ? Dylan Briand > cool
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1 - Daniel Hanrahan > yo Gregory Maduk > hows it going...

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