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Unformatted text preview: View of Society Functionalist Stable, well integrated Conflict Tension, struggle between groups Macro Inequality Mode of Production Stratification Interactionist Constantly Influences and Affects Social Interaction Micro L.o.A. Emphasized Key Concepts Macro Critical Similar to Conflict, with emphasis on gender, race, sexual orientation Micro, Macro Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Intersectionality Maintained through physical and symbolic force Combo of conflict and interactionist Manifest Functions, Latent Functions, Dysfunction View of Social Maintained Order Through cooperation and consensus View of Social Predictable, Change reinforcing Norms Reinforce Societal Standards Are Collective Conceptions of Good. Function of Education is to Socialize people regarding how to properly achieve goals Durkheim Parsons Merton Symbols Nonverbal Communication Face‐to‐Face Interaction Maintained Maintained Through force through shared and coercion understanding of everyday behavior Change is Change takes sudden and place dramatic constantly and is dictated by the moment Reinforce Maintained Patterns of through Face‐ Dominance to‐Face Interaction Reflect interests of dominate group Function of Education is to socialize elite, while giving the illusion of upward mobility to masses Marx Weber Simmel Values Reinforce gender roles, racial hierarchy, Sexual stereotypes. Are defined Reflect interests during face to of straight, face interaction white, males. Function of Education is to teach people the symbols needed to communicate. Function of education is to socialize people regarding how they should act given their gender, face, sexual orientation. Du Bois P. H. Collins J. Hill Example Proponents Mead Schutz Burke ...
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