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MatSE 441 Instructor: Mike Chung Polymeric Materials Professor of Polymer Science 325 Steidle (863-1394) Office Hours: Tu. 10-12 am. Goal : This course focuses on the industrially significant polymers together with the discussion of the principles of polymerization, commercial processes, properties and applications. Text: “Organic Polymer Chemistry” Industrial Polymers, their synthesis, properties K. J. Saunders and applications “Principles of Polymerization” Basic Polymer Chemistry George Odian Grade: Two Quizzes (10% each) Homework (10%) Mid-term (30%) Final (40%) Outlines: Chapter 1 Introduction of Polymer Materials Chapter 7 Acrylic Polymers - Commercial Importance of Polymers - Monomer Sources - Concepts of Polymers - Polyacrylates and Polymethacrylates - Polymer Structure, Morphology and Thermal Transitions - PMMA and Acrylic Copolymers - Polymer Utilization and Terminology - PAN and Carbon fiber Chapter 2 Synthesis of Polymers Chapter 8 Polydienes and Copolymers - Polymerization throught Multiple Bonds
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