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Chap._100005 - 1.2 Commercial Polymers Polymers attach...

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1.2 Commercial Polymers * Polymers attach every aspect of our life. Even your own body is composited with various biopolymers and covered with synthetic polymers. Almost every things we use and touch are polymers or polymer coated products. Polymers include synthetic (man-make) and biopolymers (proteins and cellulous from nature), which is one of three major materials (the other two are metals and ceramics). In many applications, polymer works with other materials during the manufacture and applications. Plastic bags, containers, bottles (PE, PP, PVC, PET) Styrofoam Coffee cup (PS form) Clothes (polyesters, polyamides, etc.) Brushes, Pens, Markers, Papers, Inks Shoes, Socks (Acrylic Polymers, Nylon) Home insulation, Moisture barrier (Styrofoam sheet, vinyl films) Laminated floor joints, Plywoods Vinylfloor (PVC) Carpets (indoor and outdoor) (Nylon, PP, Polyester fibers) Paints and coatings (Acrylic latex) Pipes and Hoses (PVC) Furnitures, Counters, Household appliances (formaldehyde resin, ABS) Electronic appliances (various engineering plastics and composites)
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