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Unformatted text preview: 1-10-1um. The polymer is isolated by 'breaking' the latex, usually by the addition of acid which converts the soap to fatty acid. In some instances, the latex is used directly without coagulation; such is the case in, for example, the preparation of latex paints. An attractive feature of emulsion polymerization is that it is possible to prepare very high molecular weight material at high rates of conversion. A limitation of the method is the difficulty of washing the product free of soap residues which impair the electrical insulation properties and optical clarity. 2.4 Thermodynamic of Polymerization The polymerization is possible only if the free energy different G between monomer and polymer is negative entropytemperatureenthalpyfree energyG = H - T SChain polymerization of alkenes are exothermic (negative H), involving the exothermic conversion of one -bond in a monomer into two -bonds in polymer chain....
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