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coupling growing stable polymer chain polymer x 2 = - 2 k t [M*] 2 dt d[M*] R t = - 10 8 10 6 k t ~ very fast reaction I-(CH 2 -CH) -I k t [M*] I-(CH 2 -CH) -CH 2 -CH* n Rate of Termination = R t (mole/l sec) (mole/l) (l/sec mole) Although the coupling reaction is a very fast reaction (k t >> k p ), R p is usually still much higher than R t , due to [M] >> [M*] during the polymerization * At Steady State Condition: R i = - R
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Unformatted text preview: t therefore, [M*] = constant R p : Rate of Polymerization k p , f, k d , and k t are known [I] and [M] are predetermined before polymerization therefore, R p can be predicted [M] 1/2 k t f k d [I] = - k p [M*] [M] = - k p d t d [M] R p = 1/2 k t f k d [I] 2 f k d [I] = 2 k t [M*] 2 therefore, [M*] = 1/2 R p [M] and R p [I]...
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