Chap._200012 - polymer[Mo[M =[M[M[M never 100 consumed The...

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1/2 f k d [I] k t 1/2 R p = d [M] d t = - k p [M*] [M] = - k p f k d [I] k t 1/2 [M] d[M] [M] = - k p dt assuming [I] = [I o ] = - K dt K = k p f k d [I o ] k t [M] [M o ] = e - K t [M] = [M o ] exp (-K t) polymerization time (t) [M o ] [M] All the monomers consumed become
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Unformatted text preview: polymer [Mo] - [M] = [M ] - [M] [M] never 100% consumed. The removal of monomer is allways the necessary step after polymerization. * Molecular Weight...
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