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Chap._300012 - LLDPE(a superior balance of properties...

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LDPE (flexible, clearity and toughness) Virtually all LDPE is processed with the extruders, including film-extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, wire and cable extrusion, extrusion coating, etc. Near 60% LDPE markets is film, for bags (punture resistance), wrapping material. Injection molded LDPE is used when flexibility, clarity and toughness are desired. Typical applications include toys, lids, closures and housewares. Extrusion coatings are mainly employed in packaging, such as coated milk carton, in combination with paper or board to improve moisture resistance. LDPE coating is used in insultation of wire, cable, and pipes.
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Unformatted text preview: LLDPE (a superior balance of properties) Comparing with LDPE with approximately the same melt index and density, the LLDPE samples display higher melting point, higher tensile strenth, higher flexual modulus, better elongation and much better stress-crack and abrasion resistances. Pipe applications: LLDPE resins are true engineering plastics, subjected to harsh environmental conditions and high stress, replacing the pipe HDPE and LDPE blending resins and some PVC. Film, injection molding and wire and cable LLDPE resins provides higher performances....
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