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Properties and Applications: Low molecular weight PIB, containing chain end unsaturation, is a reactive molecule and is subjective to the further functionalization with many reagents, such as succinic anhydride. The anhydride modified PIB (PIB-MA) has been used per se. or as diesters, amides, imides, etc. as addition agents in petroleum products. PIB-MA with Mn < 500 g/mole is mainly used in fuels, for example in gasoline to inhibit rusting, carburetor deposits, and carburetor icing. PIB-MA with molecular weight (Mn) between 500 and 3000 g/mole have found extensive use as detergent dispersants in motor oils.
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Unformatted text preview: Vulcanized butyl rubber (Mn = 5 x 10 4-10 6 , Tg ~ -50 o C) broadly resembles vulcanized natural rubber in physical characteristics, but shows better resistance to abrasion, repeated flexing and tear; it also has lower resilience. The outstanding property of butyl rubber, however, is its very low permeability to gases. Because of this last characteristic, butyl rubber is very widely used for tire inner tubes, inner layer in radio-tries and special air-impermeablie glove. Other applications include automobile damping fixtures, radiator hose, window seals, caulking material and engine mounting pads....
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