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Chap._400004 - High-impact polystyrene(HIPS PS-I displays a...

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4.2 Rubber Modified Polystyrene (High Impact PS) A serious limitation of PS in many applications is its brittleness and a number of attempts have been made to improve the polymer in this respect. The most successful approach to this problem has been the addition of rubbery materials (usually 5-15%) to the polymer and rubber-modified PS (commonly referred to as impact PS) is an important commercial material.
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Unformatted text preview: High-impact polystyrene (HIPS, PS-I) displays a less steep initial rise in the curve and, after reaching the yield point, pronounced deformation until rupture. This behaviour is characteristic of tough materials. The toughness of high-impact polystyrene increases with increasing rubber content. The stress-strain behaviour is dependent on the temperature and on the deformation rate....
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