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5.4 Chlorinated PVC The most significant purpose of chlorination is the elevation of softing point. PVC swelled by chloroform is heated to about 50 o C and treated with Cl 2 . Under this condition, substitution occurs mainly at the unsubstituted methylene groups so that dichloroethylene units are formed. PVC has a chlorine content of 54 wt% Commercial chlorinated PVC has a chlorine conten of 63-68 wt%. Cl Cl
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Unformatted text preview: 50 o C CH 2-CH-CH 2-CH Cl Cl Cl 2 / chloroform CH 2-CH-CH-CH Cl The maximum service temperature of chlorinated PVC is about 100 o C compared to about 65 o C for PVC. The major application for chlorinated PVC is in the plumbing applications, particularly hot and cold water distribution and hot and corrosive effluent handling. 5.5 PVC Applications PVC vinyl floors PVC semi-flexible tiles...
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