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Unformatted text preview: advancements in areas such as aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes and architecture. As DuPont registered trademark Teflon®, it has become a familiar household name, recognized worldwide for the superior non-stick properties associated with its use as a coating on cookware and as a soil and stain repellant for fabrics and textile products. Interest in PTFE stems from the fact that the polymer has outstanding combination of properties, including chemical resistance, thermal-oxidation resistance, high lubricity, electrical and thermal insulation, low flammability, and excellent weatherability. These properties result from the great stability of the C-F bond and the effect of fluorine substitution in strengthening adjacent C-C bond and screening effect of the fluorine atoms, which because of their small size may be tightly packed about the polymer backbone. The molecular structure consists of a core chain of carbon with a fluorine sheath, which essentially completely shields the core from...
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