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Chap._500017 - High dielectric strength High purity Readily...

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High dielectric strength High purity Readily melt processible Resistant to most chemicals and solvents Resistant to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation Resistant to weathering Resistant to fungi Low permeability to most gases and liquids Low flame and smoke characteristics Rigid and Flexible versions of Kynar ® PVDF are available. PVDF polymer is the best known ferroelectric polymeric material with unusual piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which have resulted in its use in electronic applications. The permanent polarization changes after mechanical distortions like tension, compression, and after a sudden temperature change. Their strengths are roughly proportional to the remnant polarization. The polymer has strong electric moment of the chain repeat unit, at one hand, and the easy crystallizability, at the other hand. All crystalline ( α , β , γ ) phases of PVDF carry a permanent polarization, are ferroelectric. Action of a sufficiently strong electric field (poling) causes all electric
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  • Piezoelectricity, Typical PVDF Applications, electromechanical devices PVDF, PVDF polymer, Kynar® PVDF, permanent polarization changes

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