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Chap._500018 - most popular piezoelectric polymer material...

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Dynamic response testing of composite materials Pressure Pick Ups: distribution of pressure on surfaces, localization of impacts, accelerometers, keyboards Electrical Components: switches, miniature electric fan Acoustic Components: microphones, ultrasonic detectors, hydrophones, sonar Optical Devices: laser diameter measurement, variable mirrors Piezoelectric Polymers A piezoelectric polymer is a plastic material with groups of molecules linked as orderly crystallites. The crystallites form in an amorphous matrix of chemically similar, but differently structured material. The relative population of crystallites strongly affects the piezoelectric behavior of the material. PVDF is the
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Unformatted text preview: most popular piezoelectric polymer material for shock sensors. In order for PVDF to be used as a stress gauge, it is necessary to reproducibly manufacture poled piezoelectric transducer elements with defined homogeneity and stability. Since the gauge element is often destroyed in the calibration experiment, reproducibility in the manufacturing processes is paramount to the use of PVDF as an accurate stress gauge. PVDF Piezoelectricity in various aeronautical and space applications Actuators (vibration and noise control) MEMS based flow sensors and actuators for drag reduction are possible applications for piezoelectric coatings on aircraft....
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