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9.2 Kinetics Under Equivalence of Functional Groups Conditions mole/l sec -4 -1 10 10 k p is usually in the range of Ex. k p x HOOC NH 2 R' R O H C-N O C-N H R' R n n HOOC R' COOH + H 2 N NH 2 R - H 2 O H O N-C each repeating unit consists two structure units , residue from each diamine and diacid (monomers) * Rate of Polymerization (R p ) = k p t - 1 1 [M o ] [M] =- k p [M] 2 d t d [M] R p = if complete removal of by-product, H 2 O and stoichiometric amounts of diamine and diacid = [M] = - k p [COOH] [NH 2 ] d t d [COOH] R p = = k p [M o ] t + 1 1 1 - p Xn =
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Unformatted text preview: o ] (1 - p) The figure 2-4 shows that the degree of polymerization (Xn) is proportional to the reaction time (t) up to a degree of reaction (p) of 99% and Xn of 100, corresponding to the molecular weight near 10,000 g/mole. There is no change in the reactivities of the -OH and -COOH groups in spite of the large increase in molecular size. Similar results have been observed in many other polymerizations...
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