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how . If suppose you find it is not suitable for this application, w ould you choose intrinsic silicon? Explain. (c) Suggest a suitable w ay of measuring the pressure dependence of bandgap. (d) Speculate briefly on the physical origin of the pressure dependence of bandgap. 11. Chemical-vapor deposited (CVD) polycrystalline Si is often used as a conductor in integrated circuits and as the semiconductor w ith w hich sw itching transistors are made for addressing flat-panel displays. The conductivity of such poly-Si is often dictated by intergranular barriers (at the grain boundaries), and is experimentally found to follow the relationship o F = F exp -[E/kT] o w here E is the activation energy for intergranular transport, and F is a constant. (a) If F = 1 S/m at kT = 0.025 eV, and F = 10 S/m at kT = 0.030 eV, calculate the 3 activation energy E. (b) Given the material is n-type w ith an average electron concentration of 10 cm , 17 -3 n compute the electron mobility : at room temp. [kT = 0.025 eV] and the higher
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